Basketball Rules

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Marshall Middle School

3 on 3 Basketball Rules

General Information

Player eligibility is the responsibility of the team captain.

-Players may not play for more than one team.

-Participation is completely voluntary.

-NO FOOD OR DRINKS (EXCEPT WATER) are permitted on the courts.


-For safety reasons, all JEWELRY must be removed including but not limited to the following: earrings, watches, friendships bracelets, tongue rings, nose rings, religious bracelets or rings within the eyebrow(s). The only exception is medical i.d. jewelry.

-Baseball caps, bandanas or any other hard hair holding devices will be prohibited.

-All games will be played on the blacktop multi-purpose courts unless otherwise scheduled.

-Team members may be added to their team rosters/entry forms prior to the playing of the first game of the tournament. No roster changes are allowed after halfway through the season.

-If a team is not on the court ready to play at game time, they will forfeit the game. If some players, but not enough to begin the game, are present, the game clock will start.

-After 10 minutes, if the minimum amount of players has not arrived to begin the game, a default will be declared. If neither team has enough to start the game, a double default will be declared and neither team will receive the win.

-Rough play an unsportsmanlike conduct is not acceptable. Students NOT abiding by this rule could will dropped from a team and not allowed to participate in any intramural sports for the remainder of the year. NO PROFANITY!

The Rules:

Three on Three Basketball is a half court game played between two teams of 3 players each, including a maximum of 3 substitutes. Games may be started and completed with only 2 players, but not with just 1 player.

NO DUNKING IS ALLOWED DURING PRACTICE /WARMUPS! Dunking is permitted only during official games. Anyone caught dunking during non-game situations (which includes during dead ball situations) will be disqualified from further participation, and the team will receive a technical foul.

Substitution is unlimited, but permitted only when the ball is not in play.

To begin the game, a member from each team will play rock, paper, scissors to determine the right to possession or pass possession to the opposing team. Ball possession changes hands after each basket unless a foul is awarded. Deliberate stalling or attempts to freeze the ball shall result in loss of ball possession. The referee may issue a verbal warning before taking away possession.

Playing time shall be from 10:50am until 11:10am. Time outs will only be taken for injured players. A tie score at the end of regulation time shall, result in a sudden death free throw shooting contest.

All baskets are worth 2 or 3 pts.

Substitutions may be made after a basket or any stoppage of play.

Girl With Basketball

No 3-second key violations.

The imaginary Acheck line@ shall be the top of the key or the three (3) point arc, whichever is available. To start each game, following each score, or after a foul is awarded, a player must pass the ball in play from the check line. On defensive rebounds or steals, the ball must be returned to the check line, and the player in possession of the ball may maintain control and attempt to score. Any change of possession will result in the ball returning to the check line.


All non shooting fouls will result in possession given to the player fouled at the Acheck line@.

In the event of a shooting foul, the player fouled gets possession of the ball at the Acheck line@. If the player makes the shoot and gets fouled (and one), the player will be rewarded one free throw attempt with possession to the other team after the attempt.

The Officials:

Games will be self officiated unless an official is available. The duties of the officials shall include scoring, time keeping, and refereeing. The officials shall conduct the game in accordance with the official rules. The officials shall penalize any player, substitute or coach for unsportsmanlike conduct by immediate ejection and banishment from the playing area. The referee shall have power to make decisions on any point not specifically covered in the rules.

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